Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

For Optimal Hoof Development, Condition & Structure

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special

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  • Supplement to promote hoof formation
  • Improves problem hooves
  • Contains biotin, yeasts, amino acids, and fatty acids
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5 Kgs Cavalor Hoof Aid Special - Cavalor Direct

More about this product

Cavalor Hoof Aid Special stimulates hoof development and promotes hoof quality. Cavalor Hoof Aid Special is a complete and concentrated mix of all nutrients essential to optimum hoof development and hoof quality.

It contains biotin, yeasts, amino acids, and fatty acids. This combination of ingredients is key to healthy hooves and helps improve problem hooves.

Did You Know

Biotin – all that a hoof needs?
Biotin, also called vitamin H or vitamin B8, is an essential water-soluble B vitamin often used as a supplement for horses with weak hoof quality.

Although there have been few studies to verify the effectiveness of biotin on horses and the results have been mixed, many horses have had visibly improved hoof quality after taking biotin.

Biotin is naturally present in grass and Cavalor feeds are enriched with biotin to promote healthy hoof growth. Biotin is also produced by some gut bacteria.

It is not yet known exactly how much biotin a horse needs, but an unbalanced diet can cause deficiencies. Experience has shown that a minimum dose of 25–30 mg biotin per day is required to have a real effect.

How to use

The hoof wall grows from the coronet and takes about 2 months before the new hoof is noticeably visible. We recommend using Cavalor Hoof Aid Special for at least 3–6 months.

When the hooves look healthy again, the daily dose can be halved for continued healthy hoof development.

Recommended use for Cavalor Hoof Aid Special: 50 grammes per day, maximum of 100 grammes per horse per day.

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Bakshi
So far so good

Arrived on time, big tub so good value, horses eating it well but too early to see results

Sarah Warden
Very happy customer and more important happy healthy horse

Since using caval hoof aid special teddy’s feet have really improved hoof harder easier to nail shoes on and doesn’t take half foot of when loosing shoe and thanks to the patience of office staff when doing my order by phone

Great supplement

Very palatable, and showing improvement already. Highly recommend

Kevin Andrews
Great product

This is a great product helped our pony recover from a narsty cracked hoof really recommended this product