Condition, Performance & Energy

Condition, Performance & Energy


If we are going to train, we prefer to do it with a fit and healthy horse. Good condition makes the work more enjoyable for both horse and rider. A horse's condition depends on several factors. How to achieve good condition without resulting in a horse that's too "hot"? Through a combination of good health, nutrition, training, and management.

To get a horse in good condition, it is first of all important that the horse is healthy and that its body can absorb all nutrients properly. Only then can a horse look good, feel good, and perform well.


When we talk about the condition of a horse, it is important that we are all "on same page". Indeed, fitness is a broad term and can be interpreted in different ways. Whichever way you look at it, a suboptimal condition is detrimental to a horse's well-being and performance.

A healthy horse has a shiny coat, beautiful clear eyes, and is energetic. When horses suddenly seem lazy or start to moult badly, there is often an underlying cause. Good health is an important parameter for fitness. But a healthy horse that looks good is not necessarily fit. Training plays a major role in the development of good physical condition.