What are balancers?

A balancer is a supplement for horses that are not given a complete feed, or have specific temporary needs.

Balancers are highly concentrated supplements that are added to the ration to ensure that horses receive all the nutrients they need in the right quantities and proportions. We can split balancers into two different groups:

for daily use

Balancers for daily use primarily
balance the daily ration by evening out any shortfalls. Here, we are mainly talking about vitamins and minerals that are not present in sufficient quantities in the
daily ration.

for temporary use

Balancers can also be used to meet the horse’s temporarily higher needs for specific nutrients. That's why Cavalor has balancers that can be fed in the short term to support the horse in building muscle or gaining weight.

understanding is key

We are seeing a trend where people are starting to feed their horses fewer concentrates and more roughage. We are happy with this development. Horses are herbivores and need a lot of roughage.

People often feed less than the recommended amount of concentrates to limit the amount of energy. Roughage can contain sufficient energy and protein. The amount of vitamins and minerals is never enough.

Consequently, when horses are given only roughage, or less than the recommended amount of concentrates, there is a shortfall in certain vitamins and minerals. It is then necessary to supplement the diet of these horses with a balancer.

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