The Cavalor Direct Difference

Why we are different?

We only sell Cavalor

As the UK's largest and ONLY Cavalor dedicated retailer we only sell Cavalor. As such we have huge stocks and access to early market products before anyone else.

Years of Experience

We first started using Cavalor in our competition environment more than 10 years ago. We have seen the brand develop and the list of products increase. We have practical experience using every single product in the range and the scientific background to help advise you on your choices.

Low order value free shipping

We ship every order of care product or supplement over £25 (currently) free of charge to the UK mainland.

Pallet based shipping of feed from as low as 90p per bag.

Batch Tracking

We are the only UK supplier of Cavalor (and possibly any supplement) to track the batches of your products throughout our operation. Each and every single batch tracked item has that information stored on record.

No Returns is a good thing!

We do not accept returns of products under any circumstances. This might first appear to be a negative - however - given the profile of our clients this is the only way we can ensure security of supply. Nothing we send to you will have ever been out of the control of the direct supply chain from Cavalor. When you see people offering returns on supplements just think for a moment, how can they guarantee the security of that product?