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Cavalor Derma Wash
Tracy Caldwell
A must have in your wash box!

A great product that is kind on the horses skin but also cleansing. My horses coats are clean and feel conditioned after using this product

Cavalor PodoSens
Claudette Hollywood
Cavalor PodoSens

Feels like a quality product that helps my horses hooves

Just as written on tin

Brrillant product once more fron cavalor. Started on sozen then continued on calm with daily dose, now have a spooky free horse who is now fun to ride!Thank you for such a great calmer.

Great Products

Good value for money so all of my horses are on this now. Also super service 100% happy with the way my horses feel and look.

Cavalor PodoSens
Louise Deitch
podosens hoof oil

have been using this product for a week or so now and it’s making a difference to my pony’s feet already, smells amazing too.


Excellent product that really works

Worth the purchase.

I bought my second tub of this as I can see my horse looks great even when he had to drop his workload recently. He's a big horse and sensitive. I feel I am giving him extra help with his muscle strength and repair for all his competing. Yes a luxury I don't want to be without.

Cavalor Arti Motion
Nadine Head
Great results

We saw results after two days; with increased flexibility and all round better pony.

Cavalor Arti Motion
Megan Carlton
Good preventative

Didn’t notice a huge difference in their way of going but use for my young horses as a preventative for joint issues.

Cavalor Pianissimo
Kay Simpson

Great service
Great product
Quick delivery
Would not use any other feed
Helpful staff
Pony loves this feed

Cavalor Hepato Liq
Ms Sarah Nicholls
Detox heaven

Great product to feed when the horses have had a hard intense season, perfect whilst letting them down, will definitely be using as part of my feeding program.

It Works

I bought the Calm to replace the Sozen for everyday use. I wouldn't bother with anything else. It has made a huge difference to my spooky horse. I hae spent a fortune on supplements and calmers are the trickiest to get right. Will be buying it again.

Cavalor LaminAid
Ms Sarah Nicholls

Love all products from this company, super efficient service - yes they are costly but I’ll suffer that blow for the customer service and quality of product, had a horse with mild laminitis so it was great to start managing this from the inside out! Bit stinky but horse didn’t mind, I used the syringe supplied, great idea with the plastic cap for easy administration into the syringe.
Would use again


Only just started using but seems to be working


Wonderful calmer really does what it says on the tin! Very pleased horse and rider

Best stuff ive found


Cavalor Dry Feet Natural
Ellie Alexandra Wray

Stable Favourite!

Cavalor Gastro Aid
Lesley Ropert
This Really Works

Our 32 year old pony Splash has Cushings and periodically suffers with diarrhea. He had a severe bout in September and we had been unable to help him until we found Gastro Aid. We started him on the paste and he showed improvement very quickly. He is now on the powder form and doing really well, there has been no further bouts of diarrhea even in the recent wet weather which will usually trigger a bout. He is really happy and so are we.

Cavalor SoZen

The pony I used this on arrived with me because he had become so overwhelmed with anxiety about everything he had become virtually unrideable and very stressed even being handled on the ground. He wouldn't even look at you. I genuinely think Sozen has saved his life, it seemed to slow down the voices in his head allowing him to breath and take life and me in. He's now on just the Calm and I am looking forward to a bright future for him, although probably always with a neck strap!!


My horse was superfit for his 160km endurance race two weeks ago and almost unrideable so spooky. The evening before the race and the morning of the race I gave him half a tube and he was amazing at the start of the race, he did not spook at all but was keen and focussed and even led the group I was riding with, something I have never been able to do with him as normally he is so spooky there is a big risk of everyone piling up on him, im super impressed with the product and will definitely use it for his next race! Thank you

Absolutely first class service we have never been let down with cavalor direct thanku agin

Cavalor Mash & Mix
Angelina Johnson
Horse loves it

My horse loves it .

Cavalor FiberForce
Christine Tiller
Fibre force

I am pleased with fibre force, as my horse seems to enjoy eating it.


Only started to feed fibreforce this week, (previously on silhouette) and my horse loves the taste of it! I am sure I will be happy with the feed just like I am with any other Cavalor product :)