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Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement

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Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement

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  • Liquid supplement that supports sensitive tendons and joints
  • For optimal protection of the musculoskeletal system during peak times
  • Scientifically proven effective, 100% natural
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2000 ml Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement - Cavalor Direct
5000 ml Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement - Cavalor Direct
Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement - Cavalor Direct
Cavalor ArtiTec Equine Joint Supplement

More about this product

Cavalor ArtiTec gives our equine athletes what they need during periods of intense work. Cavalor ArtiTec is the result of 7 years of scientific research (in collaboration with UGent) on optimum nutritional supplements for healthy tendons and joints in top-class sport horses.

The resulting specific combination and balance of substances not only promotes healthy tendons and joints, it also offers ideal protection against damage caused by strain.

Cavalor ArtiTec’s herbal substances have synergistic effects which help to stop these adverse processes in the musculoskeletal system before they can cause damage. In a pilot study Cavalor ArtiTec was found to be palatable by 97% of the horses, and 74% showed observed improvement.

Did You Know

A joint is the hinge between 2 bones. In between is a layer of viscous synovial fluid that lubricates and protects the cartilage at the end of the bone. The muscles, tendons and ligaments around the joint absorb shocks and keep it safely in place. If your horse is doing intense work, the joints will endure a lot of friction from the bones because the quality of the synovial fluid decreases.

Overuse, age, injury and infection cause inflammation. If your horse has recurring inflammations, the composition of the synovial fluid changes, becoming thinner and losing its ability to properly cushion shocks. This makes the articulated movement of the joints less supple and increases the risk of serious injuries.

Joint problems worsen over time. Large impacts damage the cartilage beyond repair. That damage then spreads to other parts of the body, such as the muscles and ligaments, and can eventually lead to lameness.

How to use

Not every horse needs the same degree of protection. Cavalor Arti Motion supports healthy tendons and joints and is the ideal feed for growing horses and those just starting work, or not in hard work.

As work intensity increases, so does the strain on tendons and joints, in turn increasing the risk of injury. Cavalor Arti Matrix meets the increased musculoskeletal needs of sport horses and provides additional support.

Cavalor ArtiTec offers proven protection at peak times and helps mitigate negative effects from overload. Recommended feeding of Cavalor ArtiTec: High-level sport horses: 30 ml 2 to 3 times per day

Customer Reviews

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Kirstine Douglas

Absolutely first class service we have never been let down with cavalor direct thanku agin

Megan Carlton
Best joint supplement ever

This supplement is a game changer, a truly remarkable difference in any horse we’ve put on it!

Mary Anderson

To actually visibly notice a difference in your horses health and suppleness from using a product is rare. Would not be without it. Highly recommended

wendy Burden

Good product for my horse’s arthritic joints, and all very helpful at the store.

julie bennett

This really works and we have had amazing results with this product