Navigating feed choices

Navigating feed choices

Are you already using Cavalor feeds? Then you’ve probably noticed our new packaging. In this article, we’ll explain how our new packaging came to be and how you can choose the best feed for your horse. What’s important to know: The feed in our new packaging is the same. Are you satisfied with your current feed? Then there’s no need to switch. Are you looking for a new feed, or want to optimise your current ration? Then read on!

Ambition is what drives us and makes us grow. That goes for all of us! At Cavalor, we challenge ourselves to gain more knowledge and continuously make improvements. That’s the reason why we decided to give our Cavalor feeds a new look. Our new packaging has fresh colours, pictures clearly showing the feed, and new explanatory symbols. This makes it easier for you to find the right feed for your horse.

Navigating through the Cavalor range

Our new packaging helps you navigate the Cavalor range in three easy steps:

STEP 1: Select a categorie
STEP 2: Determine the right level or need
STEP 3: Cheque the claims
Let’s take a look at these 3 steps.

Cavalor categories

Cavalor feeds are divided into 5 categories. These are easily recognisable by their colour and title. This classification helps you to make an initial choice:

  • HARMONY: Horses in recreational sport.
  • SPORT: Horses expected to deliver performance.
  • BALANCER: Horses that are not given a complete feed, or have specific temporary needs.
  • SPECIAL CARE: A horse with special needs.
  • BREEDING: Pregnant or lactating mares, foals, or young horses (under 3 years of age).

With our new packaging, we have changed the categories of some feeds to make them even easier to find and recognise. The feeds in new categories have a new look and colour:

Searching by Cavalor level or special need

Within the Harmony and Sport categories, you can use the levels to further fine-tune the feeds according to need. You’ll find more on this below. On the packaging of the feeds in the Balancer, Breeding, and Special Care categories, the silhouette of the horse indicates the product’s focus. This helps you easily match the product to the need. For example:

  • Fiberforce Gastro for horses with sensitive stomachs
  • Wholegain for horses that could stand to gain weight
More about the Cavalor levels

The Cavalor levels are prominently displayed on the Harmony and Sport packaging. They were developed based on the following criteria:

  • Intensity of training and work
  • Rideability (the feeling that the horse gives the rider)
When to choose which level?

If you already use a Cavalor feed and are satisfied both with the level of stamina during training (condition and musculature) and the feeling that your horse gives you: You’ve found the right feed for your horse!

One thing you will see is that we’ve changed the levels of our sports feeds. Please note that nothing has changed about the feeds. For example, do you feed your horse Perfomix? Then stick with that same feed, even if Perfomix has changed from level 2 to level 3. Look for the name of the product, because it remains the same. So why did we change the levels? With the new packaging, the feeds in the Harmony line are now in level 1, for example Tradition Mix and Strucomix Original. Because of this our sport feeds have gone up a level.

Are you already using a Cavalor feed and expecting more from your horse and/or having the following issues?

“My horse is too slow. He doesn’t have the stamina to keep up.” LEVEL UP > Then choose a Cavalor feed one level higher.

You want less energy from your horse and/or indicate the following?

“My horse could be a bit calmer. My horse is often too hot and fizzy at the start of training” LEVEL DOWN > Then choose a Cavalor feed one level lower.

How do you determine which level to start with?

With the Cavalor levels, adjusting the diet to the horse’s needs and the rider’s wishes is simple. If you are not yet familiar with Cavalor’s feeds and would like to start using them, base your choice for the first feed on these levels:

  • LEVEL 1: for horses in leisure to light work or for sensitive horses (recreational and nervous horses)
  • LEVEL 2: for horses that are trained regularly and actively (active horses)
  • LEVEL 3: for horses that are trained very regularly and intensively (sport horses)
  • LEVEL 4 & 5: for horses that perform at top sport level (performance horses)
Especially for horses at top performance levels (Levels 4 and 5)

Horses that must perform, especially at a high level, need extra support. The feeds and supplements in the Cavalor high-performance line are specially developed for top sport horses. Cavalor high-performance products provide these horses with just that little extra because it’s the details that make the difference. You will recognise these high-performance products by the silver colour on their packaging and their high effectiveness.

Pictograms on packaging give more detailed info

After finding the correct categorie in Step 1 and the right level or need in Step 2, you’re now at Step 3: Check the claims. By using clear and simple claims we give you the advantages of each product. Each claim is carefully formulated and substantiated through science and practice. The claims for each product are shown in clear pictograms. They provide you with detailed information about each feed’s most important functions and ingredients at a glance.

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