Muscle Supplements for Horses

Suppléments musculaires pour chevaux


During brief, intense efforts such as jumping and reining, the muscles extract most of their energy from glucose and glycogen. They don’t actually require oxygen to generate this energy. Starches and sugars are good sources of glucose for short, intense energy peaks.

As the glucose is broken down, this generates lactic acid. The amount of lactic acid (lactate) will depend on the intensity and duration of the exercise. Light exercise such as a basic walk or trot allows the lactic acid to be broken down further.


During sustained effort such as endurance and dressage, these muscles extract energy from lactate or glycogen, which subsequently enters the blood as glucose. Type I muscle fibres use oxygen from red blood cells to convert glycogen and lactate into energy.

Due to its reliance on oxygen, this process will take longer to get going, though your horse can use the generated energy for longer. Good to know: in certain disciplines, such as eventing, your horse will require both types of muscle fibre in equal


understanding is key

A horse’s body has over 700 muscles. Each of these muscles has its own function, such as movement, breathing or digestion. Your horse cannot be in top shape until its muscles are too. To build good muscle, movement is essential.

Diet matters too, and not just the type of feed or its energy value. Protein, minerals and vitamins are also important elements. Causes of muscle problems can be very diverse. Prevention is better than cure when it comes to muscle problems.

Prevent muscle complaints by training responsibly, with sufficient variety and rest.

Les suppléments musculaires remplissent 2 fonctions.

  • Pour construire du tissu musculaire.
  • Aide la fonction de ce muscle

Pour construire du muscle sans simplement le gonfler avec de l'eau, il faut un produit de qualité.

Les acides gras et les acides aminés essentiels sont nécessaires pour maintenir une fonction musculaire saine.

Cavalor Muscle Force est un tel produit. Utilisé lorsque le cheval est au travail, il aide à renforcer les muscles.

Cavalor VitAmino est spécialement conçu pour augmenter la masse musculaire en utilisant des ingrédients scientifiquement prouvés.

Cavalor Muscle Fit est une lubrification pour les muscles. Il aide le cheval à éliminer les produits toxiques créés par l'exercice. C'est le produit parfait lorsque votre cheval a des douleurs musculaires et que vous avez besoin de plus, alors Cavalor Lactatec est votre produit.

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