Cavalor NutriFiber

Delicious, high-fibre vitamin and mineral balancer, balances low-concentrate / no- concentrate rations

Cavalor NutriFiber

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    • Complete vitamin and mineral supplement for forage
    • Good tasting – tested and approved by picky eaters
    • Low in starch and sugar – ideal for sensitive horses


    Cavalor NutriFiber is Delicious, high-fibre vitamin and mineral balancer, balances low-concentrate / no- concentrate rations

    A 600 Kg horse will eat approximately 0.5 Kgs of Cavalor NutriFiber per day.

    A bag will last around 30.0 days


    Cavalor Nutri Fiber contains covalently bonded hydroxy minerals (Cu, Zn) and chelated trace elements (Mn) for better absorbability and stability. Its vitamins and trace elements are provided in separate form to ensure stability. The green pellets contain vitamins and minerals, while the beige pellets contain trace elements. These two kinds of pellets are mixed so that each portion contains the right amount of each element. The separation of vitamins and trace elements ensures increased palatability. Delicious pieces of apple, carrot, carob and even pea make this mix extra tasty. Cavalor Nutri Fiber was tested on horses that are extremely picky eaters. All of them ate it with pleasure.


    Forage is the key ingredient of a horse’s diet. That goes for all horses. A horse’s requirement for concentrates depends on its workload. Horses in maintenance or at light work often get enough energy and protein from high-quality forage and do not need additional concentrates. They will need a balancer, however, because forage will not cover their total vitamin and mineral requirements.


    Cavalor Nutri Fiber as a balancer to add vitamins and minerals to rations that contain little or no concentrate feed.
    For horses that get only forage, we recommend giving your horse 100–200 g daily per 100 kg of body weight, depending on workload. If fed together with concentrate feed, the amount may be halved.


    DE 4.5 MJ/kg
    EWpa/kg 0.74 / kg
    VREp % 0.74%
    Crude protein 10.1 %
    Crude fat 3.2 %
    Crude fibre 25.3 %
    Crude ash 10.6 %
    Sugars 7.9 %
    Starches 4.9 %
    Starch/feed 8 g


    Lucerne, linseed chaff, Timothy grass, oat hulls, carob, pea flakes, sugar cane molasses, flaked carrot, dried apple, rapeseed oil, soya meal (*). (*)made from genetically modified soya.

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