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Cavalor Pianissimo

Oat-free sport mix. Formulated for nervous horses

Cavalor Pianissimo

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  • Oat-free, low-protein formula
  • Slow-release cool energy
  • Easy to digest – contains pre- and probiotics
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Did You Know

Cavalor Pianissimo is an oat-free sports mix for horses that are ‘hot’, sensitive to stress, or convalescing (box rest). Contains no oats.

A balanced composition of fibres and fats that delivers slow-release energy. Calms the horse and keeps him from getting hot. Contains puffed grains for easy digestion and pre- and probiotics for optimal gut function and strong natural defences.


Visibly healthy and fit. In addition to a glossy coat, these omega-3 fatty acids have many other beneficial effects and thereby support the overall fitness of your horse.

For a good intestinal flora. Florastimul is a prebiotic that is only used by benign bacteria and that promotes their development. Florastimul ensures a healthy intestinal flora.

How to use

For good nutrition, your horse needs roughage (spread out over several times a day) and a constant supply of fresh drinking water. This foundation can be supplemented with a balancer or concentrate feed as needed. And fine-tune your horse’s diet with supplements #feedasyouneed

Feeding recommendations for Cavalor Pianissimo:
We recommend a minimum of 350 g to maximum 650 g per 100 kg body weight per day. For a 600 kg horse this means a minimum of 2.1 kg and a maximum of 3.9 kg per day. Divide the concentrate feed over several portions per day, preferably after feeding roughage.

Tip: not all feed scoops are the same size. Weigh the contents of your feed scoop so that you know exactly how much your horse is getting.


DE 11.05 MJ/kg
EWpa/kg 0.83 / kg
VREp % 7.8%
Crude protein 10.5 %
Crude fat 4.0 %
Crude fibre 12.0 %
Crude ash 7.5 %
Sugars 5.3 %
Starches 26.7 %
Starch/feed 267 g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kay Simpson

Great service
Great product
Quick delivery
Would not use any other feed
Helpful staff
Pony loves this feed

Elizabeth Hart
Love this feed!

This feed provides plenty of energy and sparkle but without the sass for our GB dressage pony.

Jump 4Joy
best food on the market

great food great service

Sarah Reilly
Cavalor piannisimo

I used cavalor 17 years ago when it came in a yellow bag. I had a hunter that didn't hold weight and it did wonders . Since then I've now tried it on my mare I bought her in a state underweight and rainscald. She has such a shine now and is looking fab .

Dawn Carpenter
Cavalier Pianissimo Controlled Power

controlled staying power without the fizz. Happy healthy horses with lovely condition