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Cavalor Start & Go Soft

First foal feed - weaning feed for steady, uninterrupted growth

Cavalor Start & Go Soft

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  • Tasty soft chunks with milk powder
  • Balanced composition for even growth
  • High in minerals and trace elements
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Did You Know

Cavalor Start & Go Soft are tasty soft pellets made with milk powder for foals from 1 month old until at least 1 month after weaning. These nutritious, tasty and easily digestible pellets are ideal for introducing foals to concentrates and to prevent stunting.

They are highly absorbable, easily digestible (extruded) and tasty for a smooth transition after lactation. High in protein (16%) to provide balanced energy. High in minerals and trace elements: Contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium for bone development and lactation, and copper, zinc and manganese for cartilage and joint development.


The weaning phase is a stressful period for both mares and foals. The transition from breast milk to a ration of roughage and concentrated feeds is a big step. Cavalor Start & Go Soft Chunks are nutritious and soft chunks that are easily absorbed and digested because of their texture. Because of their high milk powder content, they are very tasty and because of the treatment with heat (extrusion), they are very easy to digest.

Growth requires a lot of energy and nutrients. In addition to the soft chunks that make eating independently easy, the Cavalor Nutri-Balance concept also applies to Start & Go Soft Chunks. So not only a balanced combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals (building blocks) on the one hand, and fats and carbohydrates (energy providers) on the other hand, but also the quality, digestibility and mutual ratios are crucial to prevent growth interruptions.

Start & Go Soft Chunks contains the Cavalor Nutri-Mobility Mix: an optimal calcium/phosphorus/magnesium ratio supports strong bone growth, supplemented by organically absorbable trace elements – copper, zinc and manganese – contribute to a good development of the musculoskeletal system, i.e. bones, joints and tendons.

How to use

For good nutrition, your horse needs roughage (spread out over several times a day) and a constant supply of fresh drinking water. This foundation can be supplemented with a balancer or concentrate feed as needed. And fine-tune your horse’s diet with supplements #feedasyouneed

Feeding recommendations for Cavalor Start & Go Soft:
We recommend a minimum of 250 g and maximum 400 g per 100 kg body weight per day. For a 300 kg foal this means a minimum of 0.75 kg and a maximum of 1.2 kg per day. Divide the concentrate feed over several portions per day, preferably after feeding roughage.

Tip: not all feed scoops are the same size. Weigh the contents of your feed scoop so that you know exactly how much your horse is getting.


DE 12.3 MJ/kg
EWpa/kg 0.85 / kg
VREp % 13.6%
Crude protein 17.0 %
Crude fat 6.0 %
Crude fibre 4.5 %
Crude ash 7.0 %
Sugars 6.0 %
Starches 23.0 %
Starch/feed 115 g

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Claire Lay

Best stuff ive found